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: ASTM-D3330
Machine Introduce
Due to the good extension performance of rubber products, the machine has certain requirements on the stroke of the machine, the machine is dedicated to the test of rubber products, can test the maximum value of the material, fracture value, elongation, tensile strength and other indicators, widely used in small force value of large deformation of the material testing enterprises and scientific research institutions.
Software functions
Powerful data analysis statistics and curve graph analysis tools, with zoom in, zoom out, translation, cross cursor, take points and other functions.Multiple historical test data can be displayed in graphs for comparative analysis.In the testing process, real-time curves such as force-displacement, force-time, dission-time and stress-strain can be displayed at the same time. With multiple language choices, you can switch to the curve screen you want to see at will.
Custom test method (optional)
With a fixed speed, positioning, fixed force, fixed force rate, fixed stress, fixed stress rate, fixed strain, fixed strain rate and other control modes, can realize complex multi-step cycle control.
Automatic return, automatic breakage judgment, automatic zero return and other functions can be set.
The positive and negative forces of the sensor can be switched arbitrarily.